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57265Re: Possible New SCA Member

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  • Madeleine Delacroix
    Aug 10, 2008
      I read your post as well as the others posted thus far. There are
      things I do that would be historically accurate and things that would
      be not so accurate, such as glasses(contacts no longer an option),
      even though I am of a later persona, I refuse to wear a corset.But I
      drive my family crazy getting garb and accessories just so. My 3 yr
      old wears a long tunic because he would not have breeches on yet. Some
      feel spending money for some things are important, some not so much.As
      a ch√Ętelaine I tell newcomers this, the Society is what you make it.
      There is also the 10 foot rule, if it looks good from 10 feet, it's
      good. Unless you are independently wealthy chances of starting off
      with a period pavilion and things like that usually don't happen. If
      there is a family of say 5 and all they have is a nylon tent but they
      really want to go to an event, so be it. It's better to participate
      then not because you don't think you have the right things. Although I
      am not one of a partying crowd, to get together and feast and party is
      actually an activity that would have happened. So you will meet all
      different degrees, you just have to do for yourself what suits you.

      Madeleine Louise Delacroix
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