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57261Re: [Authentic_SCA] Possible New SCA Member

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  • Kareina Talvi Tytär
    Aug 9, 2008
      smoothoperator383@... wrote:

      > [snip] The recent research I have done on most of the SCA
      > community, only web based so far, has dampned my spirits. It
      > appears that a lot of community is focused on the feasting,
      > drinking, and armor with little interest in the history. [snip]
      > It surprised me when I looked on Yahoo groups and found that the
      > first group I saw under my search for the SCA was this one and it
      > seemed that there are quite a few out there that do care about the history.

      For me one of the big appeals to the SCA is that we *do* welcome a
      broad range of people, with varying levels of interest in the
      "history" or "authenticity" aspects of the game. As I tell people
      expressing interest, everyone is welcome, both those who's idea of
      "costume research" is watching old Erol Flynn movies, and those who
      check out the latest Archaeological Textile Newsletter to find out
      how many threads per inch the fabric for their tunic should have if
      they wish to portray someone from location X and time Z.

      Sometimes it can seem like *everyone* is all at one or the other end
      of the spectrum, depending on what you are reading, or who you are
      meeting at events, but I suspect that the distribution across the
      spectrum is really rather even, particularly so because some people
      will care passionately about one aspect of authenticity but not care
      at all about another, meaning that many folk manage to hit both ends
      of the spectrum, depending on the topic at hand. (e.g. one who cares
      about details of armour construction/style may or may not care about
      details pertaining to music, one who cares about the using the
      correct inks used for calligraphy and illumination may or may not
      care about what style of shoes are on their feet, etc...)

      Welcome (back) to the SCA, and I wish you much success in connecting
      with those who share your interests, and may you discover rewarding
      friendships amongst those with interests which are different from
      those you bring to the organization as well!


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