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57234Re: [Authentic_SCA] Homebrew book help

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  • Jenn Ridley
    Aug 1, 2008
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      On Fri, 1 Aug 2008 11:51:28 -0700, Lilinah <lilinah@...>

      >Desamona wrote:
      >>Ok! That’s it!!!
      >>I’ve been trying since early 2005 to get ahold of Falconwood Press to
      >>purchase 2 books from them, but I have never successfully got ahold of them,
      >>let alone bought any books!
      >>So, I am going to post on here, hoping someone will help me. I am looking
      >>for 2 titles:
      >>Nicolo Zoppino’s “Esemplario 1530” (graphed by Susan J Evans)
      >>Nicolo Zoppino’s “Universali, 1537” (also graphed by Susan J Evans)
      >>These are “homebrew” books, I believe, since no library I know carries
      >>copies of them (except for the originals). I would be more than happy to
      >>pay for any costs associated with photocopying, shipping, purchasing an old
      >>copy…. Whatever.
      >>Anyone able to help me? I would be ever, ever so grateful!!!
      >First, Falconwood Press is no more, ceased quite some time before 2005.
      >Second, i'm pretty sure those Zoppino books are
      >for needlework (i.e. embroidery, lace, etc.), not
      >home brewing.

      I don't think that Desamona meant books on home brewing, rather meant
      'homebrew' books, as in done at home; probably through a copy shop
      with a comb binder. I have copies of both Zoppinos in the workroom
      somewhere, iirc, but my workroom is still only half unpacked from a
      rebuild, and they seem to be in one of the still-packed boxes.

      >Third, for used, out-of-print, and even new books i check:

      Bookfinder probably will not be able to help with the Zoppino
      reprints, as they were originally printed by a small press and
      probably weren't ever commercially distributed.

      Try Ruth Kern Books <http://www.ruthkernbooks.com/>(a needlework book
      reseller), or a SCA-centric bookseller who carries a lot of tiny-press
      books, and keep looking. (I think I got mine through Lacis, or maybe
      Poison Pen, but it's been years.)


      Jenn Ridley : jridley@...
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