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57232Re: Reviews of history-themed movies on Guardian web site

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  • ren_junkie
    Aug 1, 2008
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      I had to stop reading after the Chinese nunchaku comment (it's
      Okinawan), and after he said the lacof Stirling bridge
      was "inexplicable". It's explained very well. They didn't have the
      budget to build a medival bridge. I don't like the lack of bridge, but
      it's hardly inexplicable. And he didn't use a nunchaku. Ever. Not at
      all in the movie. And I remember Bruce Lee took a lot of heat for using
      an Okinawan nunchaku in Enter the Dragon, as opposed to a CHinese 3-
      section flail.

      Not defending the movie's accuracy any, but I found the critic to be as
      badly informed as many of the movie's presented "facts"

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