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57098Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: College student seeking information regarding SCA

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  • asackville@juno.com
    Apr 30 10:44 PM
      Yeah, is that Oregon or Maine? Neither of which I am remotely near, being in the Midwest. The Land Of Lincoln, to be exact.

      Something you might want to note is that while pre-17th Century society is the broad term, there are many Kingdoms that allow to stretch the envelope and, due to natural enviromental issues, the majority may choose one time period and garb over another.

      Me? Minus 30 or plus 110, I'm an Elizabethan with all the layers and stuff, sweat and all. I love Elizabethan history and I wouldn't dream of giving it up just for physical comfort's sake. That would be wimpy in my own eyes for myself. Being in the area of the Midwest that I am, summer is just "Little Miami" for me. It's a challenge. One that I have triumphed over for ten solid years in an interactive guerilla acting environment. I am stripped to the bare Elizabethan "minimum"; chemise and tights (or stockings in period terms) are the first layer, then farthingale, bum roll, underskirt and corset, then the overskirt and bodice/doublet. A caul and hat complete the basic elements to successfully pull off an Elizabethan outfit of the upper middle class or noble class. Depending on the class you wish to represent, accessories make or break it. The merchant, yeoman and Knighthood cannot have pearls or any othe precious gems on their clothing. fabric gimp and simple metallic trim are all their's. I won't go into depth for brevity's sake, so I'll end here. There are a myrad of sumtuary issues for that time period, enough so that it could cause contraversy.

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