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  • Rosie (aka Nawojka)
    Mar 21, 2008
      > I'm sorry to say I can't point you to any good resources, but I can
      > give you an anecdote; at an event several years ago in Meridies a
      > group of Roman re-enactors showed up for court in full legion armor
      > with their ladies following behind in woolen togas with veils, and all
      > of their children wearing togas and tunicas. It was so unexpected and
      > brilliantly done, it actually made the hair on the back of my neck
      > stand up.
      > Nicolas

      My lord is doing Roman at the moment, and we've learned that only men
      wore togas. They're really irritating things, so no one liked to wear
      them. At one stage the emperor had to make a law to force the senators
      to dress appropriately! Women wear a tunica or peplos, have the option
      of a stolla (which they didn't like wearing either) and the obligatory
      palla. The palla wasn't quite as long as a toga, it seems, but could be
      worn like one. Mostly women would bring it up to cover their head
      though, when they were out and about. I think women and children would
      look a bit funny in togas, but the guys in armour must have looked
      Hope you don't mind my nitpicking, but Roman gear is very serious
      business around here. My lord has taken to drinking grape juice, a la
      Roman, and not just at events!
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