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57Re: Seeking Spanish info

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  • Mark Calderwood
    Jan 31, 2001
      > > have several books on Arabic and Islamic poetry, I was going to calligraph
      > > several poems for guests to read.
      >Wow, you're going all out! Congratulations on putting together something so

      Thank you! I'm a huge fan of themed events that expose people to something
      new, and have run a few over the years, mostly from the Middle east or
      Byzantium. They involve a lot of research and are a lot of work, but I
      think are very well worth it.

      For this particular feast I'm looking at Moorish banners and tiraz curtains
      for the walls, the floors will have rugs, cushions and a few low stools.
      I'm considering making a latticework screen to seperate male and female
      diners, but that may not end up being practical. Lighting will be provided
      by several polycandelon/mosque lamps we have, and I'd like to have a go at
      a really sexy pryamidal chandelier style based on an example in a Spanish
      mosque. The food will be served on low tables in accordance with the
      etiquette of Ziryab although I draw the line at fine leather being used for
      tablecloths!), and I'm hoping to hire some green-glazed Islamic/Byzantine
      serving dishes reconstructed from archeological finds by a local potter.
      Knowing my kitchen team the food will be sumptuous and blessedly free of
      non-period middle eastern items!

      As well as that, I hope there will be lots of poetry reading, games (chess,
      zatrikion, alquerque, sirret), I daresay plenty of lighthearted flirting
      through the screen, music, singing and dancing. I hadn't thought of a
      puppet show, but it's a good idea, if I'm not exhausted with all the
      rest of the preperations!

      >Hey, where are you going to be putting it on? If it's near the San
      >Francisco Bay Area, myself and some others would be happy to perform, I'm
      >sure. :)

      It's in Sydney, Australia. Not very close to the bay area, but you've got
      eight months to save up your plane fare and come over! :o)

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