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  • Jennifer Mackay
    Mar 7, 2008
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      Hmm... you can use white linen for summer. Off-white or white works,
      and I believe minimum of 6 yards. I haven't had the chance to read all
      the way through my books yet. (I just got them.) A toga is on my
      project list, too, but one thing at a time! He needed a few more tunics
      for starters. :) He can't sew and I'm it. :)

      Contact Pendleton Woolen Mills. They WILL ship from the outlet store in
      Washougal, WA. They don't have their bolt fabric listed on the
      internet, though. I already asked the gal there if they'd sent bolt-cut
      fabric via mail. The answer was yes, but you need to know what you
      want. If they have it, they'll send it. Sometimes they do have a cream
      wool there. It's soft stuff, like you'd use to make a neck scarf. It's
      not the heavy coating stuff, though.

      They often have summer weight blue wool gabardine that just makes
      lovely garb.


      Go to the store locator page and look for the information for
      Washougal, WA. They should have a phone number, too. Their off the bolt
      prices are anywhere from $3.99/yd to $10 depending on what kind of

      Gemma Northwode
      Barony of Stromgard
      Vancouver, WA
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