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56954Re: Bookbinder sought.

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  • julian wilson
    Mar 1 2:48 AM
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      bec_tonkin <bec_tonkin@...> wrote:
      In reply to my question Rebbecca wrote -
      You found something! May I know where you got it from?

      Also, you could consider covering the modern cover with a slip-on or
      sewn-on leather cover. This would mean that the current binding need
      not be disturbed, and would probably be something you could do yourself.
      Or, you could look in your local phone directory for book binders, we
      have then here (in Australia) and they do small tasks such as thesis
      binding etc, so there are probably some around somewhere willing to do
      a small job.
      Good luck,


      we live in a tiny island just off the French Coast, and so far as I know, there isn't a local bookbinder - certainly there isn't one listed in the local phone Book.

      Finding the Book of Hours was pure serendipity - i'd been thinking about getting my wife a replica medieval prayer book of some kind or a replica early Bible, for some time; - and someone sent me a URL which connected me to an e-bay auction which had a "Buy It Now" tag - I thought the price was reasonable for my Lady's present, - so that's what I did.

      The source is a Hungarian book seller or book collector, I'm not sure which, and the facsimile has commentary and a second small book of notes in Hungarian. The whole thing is in a little cardboard slip case. My wife learned her Prayers and her Bible when the Catholic Liturgy was still in Latin, worldwide - so she doesn't want - or need - the pages with the Hungarian notes in a modern typeface.
      Which is why I want the facsimile carfeully dismantled, and ONLY the facsimile pages rebound. Granted they are printed on modern paper, and each facsimile page shows a modern border, making it quite plain each page is a reproduction - but for our purposes as re-enactors that's a great deal better than having the modern typeface included as well.

      But thanks for your suggestion - I did consider doing what you suggest with a leather slip cover - ["RivoAltus" on the Bridge in Venice do nice ones to order, and made my wife a replica medieval belt-book at 24hrs notice during our last visit, for only 20 Euros] - and may well do this as an interim measure to get her through the coming Season in ID.

      So, does anyone know a Bookbinder who's also an SCA period re-enactor?

      in "old" Jersey

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