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  • Shane Stainton
    Feb 22, 2008
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      going to be holding a A&S symposium at War of the Roses, in the East
      kingdom in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows.
      for those that aren't familiar with the event, its our Barony's
      largest and this year being a royal progress we expect 500-600 people.
      heres the announcement from the event site for teachers.
      If interested please contact me off list via the methods below

      Wars of Roses Arts and Science Symposium

      We hope to make this the best Roses ever with lots and lots of
      classes! All types of classes are welcome from down and dirty bloomery
      and forging to the finest blackwork! You may schedule for a two day
      class if two days are required. There will be shelter and refreshments
      provided, please state other needs such as electricity table space etc.

      Those willing and able to bring additional flys and pavilions for
      additional class space are encouraged to do so. Hearty hands and stout
      backs will be there to help unload, set up, break down and pack.

      Please contact Lord Fergal at knives@... and/or 518
      770 1344 No calls after 11 pm please