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56778Re: Elizabethan era bedding

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  • borderlands15213
    Jan 4, 2008
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      I know Sarah can and will elucidate further on the subject of quilted
      bedding, since it's one of her areas of expertise, but I'm going to
      jump in here, anyway. In Henry VIII's time, *cotton* was rather
      expensive. Any common man might have wool bedding to warm his
      slumbers. Wool was produced in England and in many countries, but in
      England cotton had to be imported, I believe.
      And Henry doesn't seem to have been a man to be balked when it came to
      his personal comfort, pleasure, or splendor.

      Yseult the Gentle

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      > I supposed silk filled quilts would be too expensive for even a King in
      > period?
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