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  • Pete McKee
    Jan 1, 2008
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, "Nastasiia Ivanova Medvedeva"
      <tasha_medvedeva@...> wrote:
      > >
      > Yes, you're working with the public. But those of us at SCA events
      > need *everyone* to be able to identify the fire extinguishers at a
      > glance. I'll leave mine out in the open, thanks, and if it squicks
      > you that badly, you need not visit my camp.
      > Tasha

      Dear Tasha,

      The presence of a visible fire extinguisher would not prevent me from
      enjoying the hospitality of your camp, given an invitation. I trust
      the absence of a visible modern fire extinguiser would not prevent
      you from enjoying the humble comforts of my own.

      If I were at an SCA event and got squicked (I love that word!) by
      modern intrusions, I would have a big problem indeed. My point was
      that, if one's camp is of period appropriate materials and design, a
      modern fire extinguisher is not neccesary. The buckets of water &
      sand will do the job nicely. This with the understanding that some
      sites or organizations will require a modern fire extinguisher either
      present or visible. The covering and marking options suggested in
      this thread are for those who want or need a modern fire
      extinguisher, but don't want it to be an intrusion into the
      historical ambiance of their camp.

      And as this post wonderfully illustrates, The SCA context allows the
      opportunity for selectively targeting the area one wishes to focus on
      in their authenticity efforts.

      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, Ann Catelli <elvestoorder@...>
      > And, as it happens, my own efforts towards
      > authenticity are very much concentrated on my personal
      > appearance, so I will always have a highly-inauthentic
      > camp. It just isn't on my priority list to improve.
      > Ann in CT
      > Cecilia Dollmaker
      In cases such as this, a modern A-B-C fire extinguisher is not an
      intrusion. Given the synthetic materials and flammable products
      present in most modern camp equipment, the A-B-C extinguisher is
      actually a very good idea.

      Hope this helps some.

      Take care,
      Pete McKee
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