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56640Re: Wedding and Engagement Rings

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  • balanttina
    Dec 9, 2007
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      I found an interesting document among my 'collection' that mentiones
      what we would call an engagement ring. it dates to February 17, 1476
      and was issued in a village of Vesina, in the parish of Jugo, in the
      bishopric of Trident, in the castle of Henry (in present-day Carinthia
      in Austria, I think)

      my loose translation is as folows:

      'Odorik, sun of William of Brezio, an imperial public notary in
      Trident, makes a nuptial contract for Paul, sun of the late John
      Alouisia of Petra plana near Trident, and a bride Dorothea, dauther of
      Henry de Jugo. Before the notary, bride and groom have declared to wed
      each other, and the groom has put on a bride's finger a golden ring as
      a sign of true and valid matrimony. The father gave the bride a dowry
      of 500 florins, the groom gave her 'jutrna' (husband's present to his
      wife on the morning after the first night spent together, the morning
      after the wedding) of 150 florins.'

      lp, celestina
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