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  • robsherlin
    Dec 7, 2007
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      (Moderator note: please sign all posts to this list as a courtesy. Thank you, Despina)

      I just found your group as I was looking for other SCA members in my
      area (or still in my area rather)as it seems that since I made contact
      and went to one practice, everyone has moved out of Niagara Falls. So,
      if the Canton of Beau Fleuve still exsists, I'm probably the only one
      living there....Hey! Since I'm the only one here, maybe they'll give me
      a cool title like Baron or something (just kidding).
      I had to join your group because, I too, think there's just a little
      to much slack in being authentic. Not only is it with peoples garb and
      campsites, but it's also in combat. I've also done some live steel, and
      I've spent quite a bit on my armour and having it made. It's full plate
      armour like the knights in classic tales (about late 14th century), but
      I can't join in any of the fun that spectators love so much because all
      these other fighters in their "pickle barrel" and hockey gear armour
      are so much lighter than I am, it's not a fair fight. Not to mention
      the fact I've never seen any man at arms in any manuscripts or
      anywhere, wearing hockey gloves. just had to throw that one out there.
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