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56592Re: [Authentic_SCA] Wedding and Engagement Rings

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  • Sharon L. Krossa
    Nov 26, 2007
      At 1:45 PM +0000 11/26/07, Sarah wrote:
      >Was there any such existance of
      >period wedding rings or engagement rings? I have read that wedding
      >rings for women were originally worn by roman women more as a sign of
      >possesion (them being owned) than as a sign of commitment but that the
      >idea faded out and nobody wore wedding rings up until the Victorians
      >popularized it with women but that men did not start wearing wedding
      >rings until WWI. Is that an accurate statement?

      No, that's not all that accurate. This is a summary of what I found
      for Scotland (taken from an email I sent to someone a while ago):

      Just as modernly, often the bride was given a "spousing
      ring". Sometimes this was given during the betrothal ceremony rather
      than the wedding, sometimes as part of the marriage ceremony. (The term
      "spousing ring" is ambiguous, and so the term itself doesn't indicate
      when it was given.)

      It seems that at least in the late Middle Ages, men also were given
      spousing rings by their brides, but apparently not during the marriage
      ceremony itself.

      For more info on historical Scottish wedding rings (including photos),

      Marshall, Rosaline K. "The Wearing of Wedding Rings in Scotland." Review
      of Scottish Culture 2: 1-12.

      I believe that rings were used in some way in other cultures as well,
      though I don't know the details offhand (nor do I have handy
      references to paste!)

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