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56581Wedding and Engagement Rings

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  • Sarah
    Nov 26, 2007
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      For curiosities sake were there any symbols that declared one as wed
      or unwed? I know in some cultures for women at least it was how their
      hair was worn but what about for men? Was there any such existance of
      period wedding rings or engagement rings? I have read that wedding
      rings for women were originally worn by roman women more as a sign of
      possesion (them being owned) than as a sign of commitment but that the
      idea faded out and nobody wore wedding rings up until the Victorians
      popularized it with women but that men did not start wearing wedding
      rings until WWI. Is that an accurate statement? I don't really need
      the whole history of the wedding customs/symbols/I can't find the word
      I'm looking for lol just for SCA time period.

      Thanks, Sarah
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