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56580"Sanitising everything" - was Remember, remember...

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  • julian wilson
    Nov 24, 2007
      Gentles of the List following this thread,
      "Sanitising" everything is simply a mealy-mouthed way of saying one approves censoring everything that you don't- or someone else doesn't- agree with.
      That way lies the Tyranny of "Them". And who authorises "Them" the power to ultimately control our thoughts and our freedom of speech?
      "Quis ipsos custodies?" And who appoints and gives "oversight" to such "guardians of the public Weal"?
      . The 20th Century should be our lesson here - the Western World fought hot and "Cold" wars to preserve freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of democracy - for nations too politically- or militarily-weak to protect themselves from tyranny - either political or religious.
      The West hasn't been perfect at doing this, - but the results have been a great deal better for the ultimate good of Humanity - than would have been dictatorship by Imperial Germany, the Nazi State, the Italian Facisti, the Soviets and their Satellites, the Khmer Rouge - to name only a few of the obscene Regimes which would ultimately have controlled the thoughts and freedom of speech of the citizenry under their power.

      I was baptised and raised "High Anglican" Church of England.
      My re-enactment Persona is in re-creating a minor English noble, who lived between 1458 and 1509; and was therefore a member of the Catholic Church of Rome, before the Schism.
      I have no problems in reconciling the two differing mindsets; - because I believe that God knows the Secrets of my Heart, and therefore knows I intend no blasphemies.

      In humble service to the Kingdom of Drachenwald, and to The Light,
      Matthew Baker

      Edwin Hewitt <brogoose@...> wrote:
      --- In Authentic_SCA@yahoogroups.com, Sandra Dodd wrote:
      > Assuming the world is represented in sub-sets of the world, should we
      > totally sanitize everything to avoid the possibility of offending
      > anyone? Should we not even talk about battles when religion was
      > involved?
      > AElflaed of Duckford
      > Outlands

      Edwin of Runedun, Caid, replies:
      I am RC mundanely, and yet historically-based and researched poetry
      such as posted recently bothers me not a pin. Indeed, I find it
      refreshing that we can acknowledge the troubled past in an amicable
      present. That is the way of the SCA isn't it?

      One of my favorite memories is of a "discussion" presented at a
      Collegium between a Crusader and a Muslim warrior, both of whom told
      the story of a particular battle from their side of the conflict. The
      two folks in particular were quite good friends - and the discussion
      quite lively.

      I far prefer these "biased" but researched poems and discussions to
      the "innocuous" Mel Brooks / Monty Pythonesque parodies of the
      Medieval Church which I more often see.

      All the best,

      This is the Authentic SCA eGroup
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