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56542Re: [Authentic_SCA] Remember, remember the Fifth of November

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  • mgpig@aug.com
    Nov 7, 2007
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      Quoting the list:

      > -=-Um... some members of this list are Catholic...
      > -=-Would you presume to post anti-Muslim poetry on the anniversary of
      > the Battle of Tours?-=-
      > Assuming the world is represented in sub-sets of the world, should we
      > totally sanitize everything to avoid the possibility of offending
      > anyone? Should we not even talk about battles when religion was
      > involved?
      > That doesn't seem to be a good stance for people sharing an interest
      > in history.

      As a Catholic, I was not offended - the poem was posted in the context of the
      historical event under discussion, and as such, reflected sentiments of the
      time. Why take offense when none was intended?

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