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56534Re: [Authentic_SCA] Remember, remember the Fifth of November

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  • cathal@mindspring.com
    Nov 6, 2007
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      >> Um... some members of this list are Catholic...
      >> Would you presume to post anti-Muslim poetry on the anniversary of the Battle of Tours?
      >If it's period and appropriate for the date, yes I would. This is not
      >a religious list, this is a list dedicated to authenticity in the SCA
      >and history.
      >Cu respectivo,
      >Despina de la I'd also (were the poetry period) post anti-English
      >poetry on the anniversary of Agincourt, and anti-Spanish poetry on the
      >anniversary of the English defeat of the Spanish Armada despite there
      >being English, French, and Spanish people and persona on this list

      Then there is thought that in the narrowest consideration Msr. Fawkes is not 'period' for the SCA. 1605 is not pre-17th century...(and, yes, I do hear the rustling of ruffs and piquing of periwigs among the cavaliers in the attic...). But other than in the matter of chronological application, I must agree with Dispnia.


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