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56503Re: Origami and Napkin folding

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  • olorin1984
    Oct 15, 2007
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      > I would be interested to hear what you have found about "origami"
      > before 1600. All I have found about paper folding in Japan has to do
      > with either votives for Shinto temples or decorative folds and knots
      > for letters.

      I actually taught a class a couple of months ago on this subject and
      would be happy to share what I have found. I uploaded the handout
      from my class to the files section of the group as "Period Origami
      The handout gives a brief overview of some of the models that were
      around pre/around 1600 both in Europe, and in Japan. The handout
      doesn't go into much more detail regarding history, or even the
      origins of the word origami (which is pretty modern I believe), but it
      does have a list of references at the end with some excellent places
      to do further research.
      I would particularly recommend David Lister's esays on the subject.
      He is the historian of the British Origami Society and has written a
      lot on the history of origami.
      You can find his essays here:

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