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56471OT: Save Viking Ship Reconstruction Near Chicago

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  • Folo Watkins
    Sep 30, 2007
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      This is probably only of tangential interest to many, but it is a good
      cause. The ship is a beautiful thing and deserves--as one of the last large
      mementoes from the 1893 Exposition--to be preserved! Anyone, world over,
      may vote.

      The Raven (or The Viking), the reconstruction of the Gokstad ship that was
      sailed to Chicago from Norway for the 1893 World's Fair, is in the Amex
      competition to receive a grant for its maintenance (and it needs it!). It
      is currently still third, so vote and vote often. The competition ends
      within two weeks. All you do is click on
      register (quick & free) & then click on vote, which is off to the
      left. You can live anywhere in the world to vote. You will see a
      drop-down menu that will say "which location" and scroll down until you
      find "Viking." After you select "Viking" you will see another drop-down
      menu which will ask you why the Viking should be saved, just pick whichever
      reason you find pertinent. Please feel free to forward this to any people
      or lists where folks would be interested in doing something to save this
      part of our unique heritage. Heck--cross-post like mad and keep voting, guys!

      To see the ship, which is stored near Elgin, Illinois, see photos of Micel
      Folcland's visit along with Norsa:
      http://www.flickr.com/photos/folo/sets/72157594279543444/. We are planning
      another visit with Regia founder, Kim Siddorn, in a couple weeks!

      Cheers, Folo
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