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56364Re: Another Persona Question

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  • Madeleine Delacroix
    Aug 31, 2007
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      Well, my persona is French that has moved to England..I would think
      that you as her, would keep your name pronounced as you do now, but
      you take your husbadn's surname, your dress would be a few years
      ahead of England as far as style, remember french fashion has always
      been something everyone wanted..ladies of the court might try to
      mimic some of your fashions or acessories..if you go on the
      costumer's manifesto page, 16th century women's fashions there are
      timeline pages that have a direct link to only famous French women,
      so you can see what was worn there when..I too am French in 1570,
      and got tired of getting very little info on the french, so she
      moved to London..

      "Sarah" <thswildcats@...> wrote:
      > How does one go about researching someone who was raised in one
      > country but lives in another?
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