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56130Attention, all spinners, weavers, and lovers of sheep (not that way!)

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  • Mary Llewellyn
    Jun 30 3:43 PM
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      Greetings unto my gentle cousins!

      If you will permit me to introduce myself, I am Lady Adelicia di
      Rienzi, of the Barony of Lyondemere, Kingdom of Caid. Long-time
      lurker, first-time poster!

      Last week I had the pleasure of meeting a delightful lady who
      shelters rescue horses. At the moment she also has rescue donkeys,
      rescue goats, and rescue sheep. The flock of four little sheep (the
      tallest one is no more than 3 feet tall at the shoulder, I would say)
      have heavy coats in a lovely range of colors (cream/light brown/dark
      brown) and, as the heat of summer is setting in, they are desperately
      in need of shearing. They are tame and friendly, although no one
      knows how they would react to being shorn.

      If any of you are reasonably local to the Barony of Altavia, Kingdom
      of Caid, where the sheep are, and are interested in shearing them on
      a "you-shear, you-get-the-wool" basis, or if you know someone who
      would be interested (and preferably has some experience with sheep),
      please e-mail me off-list (maryllewellyn -at- earthlink.net).

      Yours in service to the Dream, the Society, and our four-footed friends,

      Adelicia di Rienzi
      (Mary Llewellyn)