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  • Chris Laning
    Jun 11, 2007
      Cynthia wrote:
      >Which came first--tambour work or crochet? And
      >how do they relate to needle made embroidery
      >chain stitch?

      To the best of our knowledge, needle-made chain stitch came first; there are Islamic examples from very early centuries AD:

      Tambour seems to have been a 17th-century invention, though I'm not clear on its history, and crochet -- according to the current consensus -- seems to have originated as a sort of "tambour without a background" -- when someone figured out that the chain stitches, suitably arranged, could hold together on their own without cloth.

      The article Sorcha quotes is here:

      Hope this is helpful! Santina Levey's _Lace: A History_ probably has the best treatment of early crochet I've seen, with Lis Paludan's crochet book a close runner-up. There just isn't a whole lot of information on when and where crochet came from, alas! :(

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