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55997Re: [Authentic_SCA] Middle Eastern Question

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  • Per Braz
    Jun 5, 2007
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      Le mardi 5 juin 2007, Lilinah a écrit :
      > Cool! I've been admiring the 1186-583 website for quite a while.
      > There's some excellent stuff on it.
      Thanks a lot. I plan to upgrade the website to a new CMS engine before the end
      of the year, with the possibility to have foreign languages, including
      English of course. And we haven't pusblished a lot recently as we are working
      hard on a book project to be released for next year. We should begin again to
      put stuff during Summer I think, we have quite some new things to show and a
      lot of ideas :)

      > >(sorry it is just in French but pictures are useful)
      > I can help translate...
      So do I of course :)

      > Alas, the illustrations are missing (and from most of the articles on
      > this site)... did you (or someone else), by chance, save them?
      I don't think
      I will ask on our internal forum, by chance.
      All the best
      Yann aka Per Braz

      Per Braz - perbraz@...
      webmestre http://www.1186-583.org
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