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55988Re: [Authentic_SCA] Middle Eastern Question

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  • Janis James
    Jun 4, 2007
      Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM) wrote.........
      >SCAdians (and other non-Muslims) use the term "turban" far far far
      >too loosely. There is a difference between a turban and a head wrap,
      >but i hear people over and over call a head wrap a turban....snips......

      .........well, OK.....yes - there is indeed a difference between
      a turban and a headwrap. As the gentleman I am costuming
      for will be Royal I guess it really was appropriate! Our equivalent
      to the Shah, Sultan, Caliph etc., However, as I said he is just not
      comfortable in a Turban. He really doesn't much care for
      a headwrap either - even if that would seem to be more
      acceptable. It seems he gets extremely warm about
      the head and layers of cloth make him very, very uncomfortable.

      ......>Acutally, there is evidence for a *pure white* head cloth and a
      >*simple* filet (not those big thick black and gold agals i see) at
      >least in al-Andalus. I have some pictures on my website... if the
      >gentleman is a Maghribi or Andalusi.

      Now this would be of more interest to him. Something simple
      and cooler to the head........I understand a one strand cord (filet),
      is there a colour restriction for that? He does agree with me that
      it feels more mediaeval to have something on the head - he just
      doesn't want to be miserable in it.

      Apparently he is about 1000 C.E. Persian. You also mentioned a
      cap? Rather like the short Fez, embroidered type?
      Thank you for your time, Sine

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