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55825Re: REALLY looooong tippets and kids...

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  • velvetclad
    May 1, 2007
      little kids having
      > extra long tippets (14th century, France/England) so their parents
      > could use them as leashes for going to the market and out and about
      > without losing them in the crowd. Can anyone substantiate this? Or
      any other practice at the
      > time to keep kids reigned (pun intended) in?
      > ~Ysabel de Lille
      Just wanted to share a bit about harness's for children. My oldest was
      quite offended as a toddler when I introduced a harness...she seemed to
      think that it was quite beneath her dignity to be so ensnared. But my
      youngest LOVED it. In fact, each time she was "harnessed" she "became"
      an animal and acted accordingly. Everyone smailed to see my little girl
      meowing adorably or prancing like a pony, but do you realize how long
      it takes to do your grocery shopping with an alligator? (yes, crawling
      on her belly, growling ominiously at all passers by) reading your posts
      brought back many memories and I thank you!
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