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55706[Authentic_SCA] what to do Laurel berries: Hildegard von Bingen

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  • Kathleen Keeler
    Apr 2, 2007
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      Teffania wrote:
      I'm especially excited by Hildegard von Bingen's work, since my focus is
      late 12th C.
      If you have the time to copy the information [on the uses of berries
      from the laurel tree], I'd really appreciate it.

      Here it is then. For those of you who didn't see the previous emails,
      modern sources suggest not eating the berries.

      I'll copy from Gerard in a second email.
      Agnes deLanvallei

      Hildegard von Bingen wrote:
      "The laurel tree (_laurus_) is hot and has a bit of dryness. It
      signifies constancy. [uses of leaves and bark]
      The fruit of this tree is very hot, it checks all fevers in him. If
      you are troubled with gicht and fevers, you should recude these berries
      to a powder, and add half as much of the powder of the fruit which grows
      on pine cones. If you do not have pine nuts, mix in half as much
      powdered fenugreek. Warm it in wine, and drink it hot. The gicht and
      fever will cease.
      "Also, express the oil of these berries and anoint your body where it is
      troubled with gicht, and you will be better. If you add to this oil a
      third part of savin sap, or that of the box tree, it will be a much
      stronger oil and it will penetrate your skin more quickly for healing,
      and the gicht will go from you.
      "If you have pain in your head, pound these berries, infused with a
      bit of wine, in a mortar. Then smear this wine over the top of your
      head, your forehead, temples and entire head. When this is done, cover
      your head, so that it becomes warm, and put yourself to bed. Although
      you have great pain, that pain will go away.
      "If you are sick in your lungs, so that they are putrescent,
      pulverize these berries and frequently eat this powder with bread, and
      you will be cured. If you have pain in your stomach, cook these berries
      in wine and drink the wine warm. It will carry mucus away from your
      stomach and purge it, and will even expel fever from it.
      "When these berries are raw, express the oil from them. When you
      touch the inside of your eyes with it, it will remove the fogginess from
      them. Or, if you have pain in your heart, or in your side, or if you
      have a fetid stomach, so that you even produce unclean saliva, make
      little cakes of this oil and a bit of flour and eat them. They will
      clean your stomach, overcome the fetid humors, and bring forth good,
      correct humors."

      Hildegard of Bingen's Physica. translated by Priscilla Throop. 1998
      Healing Arts Press, Rochester VT (ISBN0892816619) pp.116-117

      gicht, says the translator, covers a variety of ailments including gout,
      arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica.

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