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55551Re: [Authentic_SCA] Berries on my Bay tree - what to do with them?

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  • Lyle H. Gray
    Mar 25, 2007
      On Sun, 25 Mar 2007, Lyle H. Gray wrote:

      > On Fri, 23 Mar 2007, Natasha Laity Snyder wrote:
      >> In the hazy recesses of my mind, I thought that they were
      >> boiled en masse and the wax from the outside of their skins was
      >> skimmed off the top of the boiling water in order to get a
      >> scented product used in making candles.
      > That's my recollection, but I don't know how early they started
      > doing that (my text on the history of making wax candles isn't
      > immediately available).

      Oh, well, as someone else already noted, that's bayberries, not
      the berries of the bay laurel...


      Lyle H. Gray
      gray@... -- text only, please
      Shared knowledge is preserved knowledge.
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