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55539Berries on my Bay tree - what to do with them?

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  • Tiffany Brown
    Mar 22, 2007
      My bay tree (laurus nobilus) has berries on it, some green, others
      dried to black. I'm astonished a topiaried tree of such a small size
      has managed this, but delighted too.

      My web searches have managed to ascertain that such berries were/are
      used in perfume and occasionally in food. But I haven't found any
      specifics, and my search is being hampered by the fruit bayberries.

      Does anyone know anything more about these berries? Has anyone seen
      references to them in medieval recipes (food or cosmetic or other)?
      Any clue of what stage I should harvest the berries and how to prepare
      them? Might they be known by other names? Any other search terms
      that might work on google?

      Please help me, I don't want to waste such a novel harvest.


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