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55444Re: [Authentic_SCA] Horæ Ad Usum Peregrinum Neo-Medievalum

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  • julian wilson
    Feb 28, 2007
      Ceindrych merch Rhiagad <ceindrych600@...> wrote:
      Edwin Hewitt
      wrote: << Well, after a couple of years of starts and stops, I've finally done it. I published my "SCA Prayerbook," on Lulu self publishing:
      Horæ Ad Usum Peregrinum Neo-Medievalum

      Well, I just ordered one. I am anxiously awaiting it's arrival!
      Thank you for doing all the hard work so that we may enjoy the result of your labors.

      Ceindrych merch Rhiagad
      Incipient Shire of Drakelaw
      Oaken Region, Middle Kingdom

      My Lady and my sister-in-law - and Canon Nicholas France, the Catholic Dean of Jersey, - were so impressed with the first copy I ordered, that I was asked to order 2 more. Which I have done.
      Now all my Lady and I have to do, - is to design and make a medieval-style outer cover in leather, which will hide the modern paperback cover of the copy she's going to take to the re-enactment events we attend. Edwin Hewitt's prayerbook is particularly good for us, as our "Period" runs from 1450 to 1509, during the time when English Monarchs and Clerics were starting to encourage the use of "Early Modern English" in churches and prayerbooks to make the Liturgy "more accessible" to the Commons.
      Well done, Edwin Hewitt!

      In Service to The Light and The Dream,
      Matthew Baker, SCA,
      in "old" Jersey,
      [aka in this Third Millenium as Julian Wilson].

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