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55085Re: [Authentic_SCA] Chaucer Audio Books

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    Jan 1, 2007
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      Happy New Year Everyone!

      I just thought I'd give a quick update on the audio
      books I found on Amazon yesterday.

      I bought the "The General Prologue & The Physician's
      Tale: In Middle English & In Modern Verse Translation
      [AUDIOBOOK] [UNABRIDGED] (Audio CD)". You can get
      there through this tinyurl:


      Anyway, on the page is a link to download immediately,
      which takes you to a company called audible.com. Being
      the impatient sort, I bought from Audible so I could
      download immediately. Here's a quick excerpt from the
      description that I thought may be of interest to the

      "How do we know what Chaucer's English sounded like?
      The simplest way for the present reader to learn what
      Chaucer's pronunciation sounded like is to listen to
      Richard Bebb's superb reading of the current recording
      of The General Prologue of The Canterbury Tales. The
      knowledge it represents has been built up by the work
      of many scholars over centuries, which is now
      available in many competent studies and editions of
      Chaucer's poems."

      So this isn't just a reading of Chaucer but an attempt
      to read Chaucer in Middle English (which was my big
      concern). The download is also $9.94 and now resides
      on my iPod where I can now study Middle English
      anywhere I go.

      -- Geoffrey Fulredy
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