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55007new website for lacing cord (was Re: Braiding trim)

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  • Ghita Amati
    Dec 13, 2006
      We've been talking about this same topic on a few different web groups
      I belong to, and one of the topics that came up was how to braid a
      small lacing cord. Quite a while back I developed a way of doing a
      really handy lacing cord based on lucet braiding techniques without
      having to go out and buy a lucet. It kinda got enough interest that I
      decided to fix up a quick little website with some pictures and a
      brief description of what I do, since it was so hard to describe with
      only words.

      If anyone here is interested, the site is www.geocities.com/dj_mccreary

      I truly do not know if this is period. I know lucet braiding is. I
      know fingerloop braiding is...This is kind of a combination.

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