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55004Re: Braiding trim

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  • Ghita Amati
    Dec 13, 2006
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      > Hi Samia,
      > I don't think I was the one who asked the original question (but
      > knows I'm not sure what I had for breakfast this morning.)

      Actually...I asked the original question...but hey...Ive learned
      alot on this list be reading the answer to other peoples questions

      Ive been playing around with alot of the different weaving
      techniques...I was already familiar with lucet braiding, I use it to
      make cords to lace up bodices...and who woulda thought that the card
      weaving I learned all those years ago in girl scouts to make
      friendship bracelets was a period practice?!?

      So Ive learned all kind of things!

      But...the origional question was about recreating the wide trims on
      14th century cotehardie (fitted gown). All the art Ive looked at,
      doesnt show the trim in enough detail to really make out how it was
      made. Does anyone here know? Was it a different color of cloth? Was
      it a form of weaving a different color directly into the fabric of
      the gown? Is it built up of several different layers and forms? Does
      anyone have any links that show it in better detail? Any books I
      could find to document it?

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