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54622Re: Fencing garb for women

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  • Marioun
    Oct 31, 2006
      > Good timing - I JUST co-taught a class on this very topic this past
      > weekend. What period do you do? I can make suggestions about how to
      > modify your existing clothing to work as rapier armor.

      I have only been involved in the SCA for a little over a year and
      havent really nailed down a complete persona yet. I have tried out a
      few on my friends, and have mainly gone with a 13th century scottish
      because of my experiance with the Scottish Highland games and my
      contacts in scotland (makes research easier when you know people over

      But, I would really like to pick a persona where I dont have to flop
      back and forth for different activities, and I'm really into
      equestrian and am starting to get into Fencing and would really like
      to go farther with it. Anyone have any suggestions? Im kind of a
      history and research buff (thats what happens when your mom has
      masters degrees in history and library sciences...and she works as the
      head librarian for a major university).

      Unfortunantly, I enjoy the research so much, that I havent spent much
      time out of the library putting together my ideas!

      What type of footwear do you wear under your dresses to fence in?

      I can also
      > upload the handout from our class to the files if you'd like.
      That would be great!

      > And yes, it is entirely possible to fence in long skirts - I did for
      > several years, though I recently did switch to "boy clothes".

      Do you practice in them also? I would think it would change your style
      a bit? Do you shorted them hem any? Ive seen one woman fence while
      holding her skirts up with the other hand, I think that would affect
      my balance...

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