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54620Fencing garb for women

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  • The Dark Lady
    Oct 31, 2006
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      > Does anyone have any resources for creating fencing
      > garb for women?

      I also fence in dresses, unless we're doing a woods
      battle where pants are a necessity, but I detest the
      short-skirt look. Therefore I have several solutions:

      1) side slits on the skirt with tiny pieces of velcro
      on the inside to hold up the corners when actually
      fencing - please note that while I generally won't
      even touch velcro, hooks and other more appropriate
      fastenings won't release if you accidentally step on
      the hem in a fight and will tear your beautiful skirt.

      2) a little thing that hangs from my belt and
      essentially is a strap with two D-rings on it - the
      skirt can be pulled up and fed through the D-rings to
      keep it out of the way

      3) my favorite option: sewing channels down each side
      of the skirt and inserting a drawstring. When I fight
      the skirt is pulled up like a curtain, and can be
      immediately let down for a more decorous look in
      between bouts. I attach each drawstring to a lacing
      ring as a handle, then feed that through the same size
      lacing ring which is sewn onto the skirt at the point
      where the drawstring exits the skirt - this keeps the
      drawstring from getting sucked into the skirt and
      reinforces the channel to prevent rips.

      4) a loop in the skirt that can be hooked over the arm
      or attached to another part of the dress to hold the
      skirt up and misc other "bustling" sorts of solutions
      that are seen on wedding dresses - these tend to be
      effective but time consuming and you need to be
      careful for ripping hazards or situations where you
      could get caught on your own dress.

      I generally use 16-17th century patterns with no
      difficulty. Two layers of heavy linen usually passes
      the drop test and in some cases a heavy brocade will
      pass at one layer. Look at pictures of Mary Queen of
      Scots and similar ladies (ie before necklines dipped)
      for ideas. High necked doublets and dresses with high
      (attached for safety) partlets all work well. hanging
      sleeves can be worn for warmth or to provide a lovely
      distraction on the field. :)


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