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54616Re: [Authentic_SCA] Fencing garb for women

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  • Carmen Beaudry
    Oct 30, 2006
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      Subject: [Authentic_SCA] Fencing garb for women

      > Does anyone have any resources for creating fencing garb for women?
      > Most everything I find involves "cross-dressing" and wearing men's
      > garb. I would really like to fence in women's garb, although I know of
      > only one actual documented source for a woman actually fencing and its
      > Italian, does anyone else have any experiance in altering other garb
      > to meet the fencing requirements? ie: adding layers or other
      > alterations? Does anyone know of any other resources documenting women
      > fencing in period times? Should I create almost an "alternate" persona
      > for fencing?
      > Marioun

      I fight rapier in my dresses. It's actually pretty easy; most late period
      European cultures had some sort of high necked bodice or doublet for women,
      and you can just make that out of puncture proof materials. I make mine out
      of two layers of canvas, then I can use whatever I want for the top layer.
      I also fight in my fully boned 17th cen. corset, which works for breast
      protection. I make sure the skirts I use are either hemmed shorter, or
      hitched up so I don't trip, and I'm good to go. The two dresses I'm using
      to fight in both have two bodices, one rapier legal, and one regular, so I
      can just change the bodice after fighting and be appropriately dressed for

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