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54598Re: [Authentic_SCA] Heralds

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  • Amy Heilveil
    Oct 26 12:15 PM
      > For anyone who's never seen a frenzy of negativity, great! Good for
      > you.
      > For anyone who denies it has ever happened, why would that be
      > helpful? Acknowledging error and fault is the only way to overcome
      > it. Denying it, ignoring it, doesn't help others decide how they
      > might be their own best selves.

      Beating the horse of "I had a negative experience" into the ground past
      skeletal is also not helpful and can be used as a reason by some to not use
      the advice or seek out help from such persons in their geographical area.

      I would not deny that some have had bad experiences; however, I would rather
      emphasize the good experiences I, or others, have had. If a group of people
      is generally regarded as unhelpful or unfreindly they will be seen as such
      even by those without first-hand knowledge of that group. The group will
      then act in the manner it is treated. If a group is treated well and as
      helpful and sought out for their specialty they will, in turn, become more
      helpful and be viewed as such.

      Continually harping on a negative experience does no one any good.


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