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54298Free Chaucer Workshop

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  • acadianafaire
    Sep 30, 2006
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      On Saturday November 11, 2006 a free teacher workshop will be held at
      the Lafayette Public Library in Lafayette, LA. Featured Speakers will
      include: SLU professor Dr. William Robison, Acadiana Medieval Faire
      cast director Wade Heaton, and local early musician Patrick Brown. The
      workshop, "The Life and Times of Geoffrey Chaucer," will focus on the
      historical context of the works of Geoffrey Chaucer, Chaucer's
      Canterbury Tales, Middle English, and Music from the time period.
      Teachers and home educators of all grade levels and content areas are
      invited to attend. The workshop is scheduled to run from 10:00 AM to
      4:00 PM.

      Workshop registration forms are available at: