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54250Re: [Authentic_SCA] A question about peace

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    Sep 7, 2006
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      At 3:51 PM -0400 07/09/06, NINacide@... wrote:
      >It's a good start, but finding a broader scope would be more sufficient, to
      >allow a variety of cultures to mingle in this "era of peace".

      Since you're not quoting from the messages you're responding to, i
      don't know if you're answering me or Jehanne.

      Would a situation where the edges might be in occasional conflict but
      the center wasn't be sufficient? In such as case it could be that one
      border was a bit unsettled while other borders were calm.

      There were periods where Persian was at peace with most of its
      neighbors to the east and the west, but not with one or two neighbors
      in the northeast or northwest, but the only places where this was
      noticeable was on those particular borders. The rest of the Empire
      was at peace.

      And, trust me, the Persian Empire was itself already a mingling of a
      variety of cultures. While the Courts and the Learned might know a
      couple languages (Persian and Arabic), each part of Persia spoke a
      difference and often unrelated language.
      Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
      the persona formerly known as Anahita
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