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54246Re: [Authentic_SCA] A question about peace

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  • lilinah@earthlink.net
    Sep 7, 2006
      At 3:17 PM -0400 07/09/06, NINacide@... wrote:
      >In the context of the known world, excluding areas with large gaps of
      >unknown history, what was the maximum amount of time, from all of
      >Europe, Northern
      >Africa, Middle and Far East, that had the least amount of Famous wars,
      >rampages, invasions, civil war, massacres, crimes against humanity,
      >wars legal and
      >illegal, religious murder, and so forth. When was the time when a person was
      >most likely to spend either a significant amount of his life, or even his
      >whole life without knowing conflict or worrying about being killed. I'd like
      >to structure a micro event around this time period and place.

      Cool. I'll see what i can turn up. One thing i know is that in some
      polities, the edges might be under threat while folks living in the
      major cities and surrounding countryside are living in peace and
      bliss for several generations. Would this be sufficient to satisfy
      your search? If so, i'll see if i can be more specific.
      Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
      the persona formerly known as Anahita
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