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54207Re: Elizabethan period jack coats?

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  • Peregrine (David McDowell)
    Sep 1, 2006
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      Greetings -

      I've enjoyed lurking, listening, and hopefully learning for some time but this topic is extremely topical for me right now.

      I've tried to oufit my personna with everything a 1595 Elizabethan (very minor) nobleman would need, and would like to carry this theme onto the battlefield for comat archery and crewing seige weapons.

      It would seem that a jack would suit my needs, but all I can find any agreement on is that it was a late period descendant of the brigandine and earlier than that the coat of plates. Other than that, all the text references seem to conflict e.g. it was always leather or always cloth, it was lined with plates or only layered cloth/batting, the attachments were externally visible rivets or twine lacing or only quilted type stitching, and it was buckled under the arms or across the shoulder or buttoned down the front. The first option in each case seems more like a brigandine and the later options seem more like padded garment (aketon? gambeson?) which seemed to be worn under heavier (plate or mail) armour.

      And I have not seen any illustrations other than an X-ray of a find of plates claimed to be from a jack. So I would very much appreciate:

      1. Any corrections on the above.

      2. Any guidance to illustrations, including the reference for the lattice stitching previously referenced

      3. Any names of authoritative texts covering this topic and period (so I could arrange an ILL if possible).

      4. Any leads on modern reconstruction - I'm trying to track down the Compleat Anachonist reference but would always like to learn what others have tried and accomplished.

      Thanks to the list for any assistance you can provide, and for the continuing illumination you provide on such varied aspects of authenticity.

      Peregrine Falconer, the Navigator
      (mka David McDowell)
      Barony of Borealis, Principality of Avacal, Kingdom of An Tir

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