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54200Re: [Authentic_SCA] Mac bible gambeson pattern

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  • Andrea Pfeifer
    Aug 29, 2006
      Oh wow.... much food for thought...
      Everyone, thank you for your thoughts, especially Sarah and Alienor.
      Mikhail: I did not mean to doubt the quality of the link you
      provided. By no means. It is just that my friend prides himself that
      he has made most of his fighting outfit himself - and I think the
      gambeson is to replace the last bit of armour that is bought.
      Additionally: buying something like this in the States from Germany
      (which were I live) is always a bit of a pain if you are not

      Alienor, according to the armoring folks, the gambesons in the case
      of the Mac bible are really worn _over_ mail or alone as top layer if
      I remember correctly. I had considered the two layer approach as well
      mostly for how some of the sleeve openings look, I am not sure how
      practical this is going to be although it is probably really easier
      to construct and move in two layers of thinner padding vs. one thick
      layer (he will hate me for this idea ;))

      Carolin - working on more spiffy fighters for Drachenwald!
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