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54198Re: [Authentic_SCA] Mac bible gambeson pattern

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  • Sarah Michele Ford
    Aug 29, 2006
      On 8/29/06, kittencat3@... <kittencat3@...> wrote:
      > If you mean Alienor de Ravenglass, you're absolutely right - she's a
      > wonderful seamstress, and very accurate. If anyone can whip together a true
      > jack/jupon, it's her (and I want to see it when she's done!)

      Ohmygoodness, I'm not about to tackle that sort of a project, but thank you!

      I think Mikhail was referring to the proprietress of the link he provided. ;^)

      Carolin, here's my best guess as to what's going on with those
      garments. First off, I think you're looking at TWO garments, not just
      one. To me, the outer layer appears to be similar to the cyclas you
      see worn by most of the guys in mail in this same picture. That
      appears to be worn over another garment, one that is patterned much
      more like the the coats of mail (with the integrated mittens). That
      appears to be worn on top of yet another, un-padded garment (look at
      the guy in the green in the bottom left-hand corner, and the guy in
      the brown with the axe on the right-hand side). I'm wondering if the
      middle layer would have been quilted all-over (lending
      double-protection to the body, which makes a fair bit of sense from a
      logic standpoint) or just on the sleeves?

      I'm glad that Mistress Sarah chimed in, because my immediate
      inclination was to say that these might be quilted garments, but she's
      the one who knows the history of quilted garments. If she says it
      might have been a quilted jack, then it might have been a quilted
      jack. (Sarah, the Mac Bible is dated to roughly 1250 - is it
      plausible to have quilted armor at that time?) Part of my reason for
      thinking that we're looking at two garments is for ease of
      construction - sheer quantity of padding.

      So, if I were going to make this, I would make two quilted garments -
      one in the style of a tunic (Sarah can probably enlighten us on this
      process - she's made one) and the other in the style of a cyclas.
      Both would be quilted. I'd consult an armorer about how exactly those
      mittened sleeves shoudl be made.

      I also just noticed another interesting element - look at the guy
      under the horse at the center of the picture - he's wearing what
      appears to be a padded/quilted garment OVER mail.

      Alianor de Ravenglas
      geeking mightily
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