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54192Re: [Authentic_SCA] Mac bible gambeson pattern

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  • kittencat3@aol.com
    Aug 29, 2006
      First of all, I would be extremely leery of using a Medieval Miscellanea
      pattern. There were a lot of problems with the drafting, and the ones I've seen
      have tried to cram so many pattern pieces onto the paper that they're almost

      Second, the outer one looks like an early attempt at a quilted jack, which is
      not quite the same thing as a gambeson; jacks (or jupons) were designed to be
      worn by themselves and not under a mail coat.

      Third, quilted armor was usually made of heavy linen, to the depth of 2-3
      fingers' breadths. They were stuffed either with linen tow or made of multiple
      layers of linen. There's information on this in Maureen Fennell Mazzaoui's
      book on the Italian cotton industry; there were at least a dozen Italian quilt
      guilds devoted to making armor, clothing, and domestic articles. A couple of
      layers of cotton quilt batting like Warm 'n Natural should make a good

      Hope this helps!

      Sarah Davies

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