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53799Re: [Authentic_SCA] domestic architecture and furnishings

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  • hawkhurstmanor@yahoo.com
    Jun 20, 2006
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      Andrea of Anglespur....room ideas

      Dear Lady,

      Last autumn I had my 2 1/2 car garage converted into a medieval Hall. The area that would have been the buttery is my lovely laundry room that has excellent disguise when we have get togethers and all serving of beverages etc. takes place from this room. Where the solar would have been I have a storage rooom above the buttery and part of the hall, with a drop down staircase. We left the structural beams and enclosed them in somewhat rough planking to increase the size. These were burned with a torch to darken and age them before they were stained. I had a closet built to the approximate design of one I saw in Warrick Castle and also imitated a method of hanging colothing items on the wall. I went with modern triple glazed windows with cross hatching as I wanted all the light I could get for needlework, spinning and such. Fortunately I already had found a wall sconce and a chandelier on Ebay that are perfect in the lighting. The doorways are arched and the one into
      the house is waiting for it's planks. I found some nice hardware at Lowe's, and in catalogs.

      My real concession to medieval decorating is coming out in my wall paintings. I am copying several marvelous figures that I found in Easby Abby, England and in some examples of Danish church interiors. I did not initially think of painting anything more than faux stone walls, but I am hooked now on the murals. The odd shapes of the roof line and other bits are lending themselves nicely to some little odds and ends of characters I found here and there in wall art.

      We finished up with iron rods for curtains, antlers, old dark furniture and persian rugs and it is all coming together. It's the favorite room of the house.

      Hope this helps. If you have questions let me know.

      Elyn de Haoucmore

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