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53796Re: [Authentic_SCA] domestic architecture and furnishings

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  • Tiffany Brown
    Jun 20, 2006
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      The first two references that spring to mind:

      U.T. Holmes "Daily living in the 12th Century"
      I'm sure you've heard about it by now, possibly even read it. It has
      a long chapter describing the layout of a townhouse, and annother
      describing a country manor.
      The description seems to indicate rather less clutter of posetions
      than today, but false walls or wall hangings might be effective for
      soem intense storage spaces. Beds with hangings (to keep the warmth
      in) were the fashion, so maybe a fake bed wit hthe curtains closed
      could serve as a space for the sewing machine and other clutter?.

      Zarnecki (ed) "romenesque art" book and companion video
      There are several extant 12th C english buildings. One a dwelling in
      an upstairs corner of a warehouse. The book is great for fittings -
      check out the doorknobs and oil lamps, the video give a very brief,
      but 3D tour of some of those buildings.

      If you can't find those books instantly, let me know and I'll dig out
      a proper citation.

      There are also a lot of 12th C extant bits and bobs in museum online
      photo libraries - trunks, wall hangings, that sort of thing.

      Sounds like a facinating project,

      On 6/20/06, Andrea Hughett <aindreva@...> wrote:
      > Greetings all,
      > Over the next several years I am going to be
      > converting my house to a daycare center and the
      > detached two-car garage to an adult retreat/sewing
      > room/cat haven/library/office. I think it would be fun
      > to do it in a medieval style, more or less 12th/13th
      > century Welsh/British. Although it obviously would not
      > serve my needs to omit necessities such as sewing
      > machine, computer, and excessive books from the place,
      > I do want to hide them in furniture or behind curtains
      > when not actually in use.
      > So I am looking for ideas, pictures, descriptions,
      > anything that will help me visualize the ambiance I am
      > attempting to create.
      > Thank you for your help.
      > Andrea of Anglespur
      > kitscaa Gwervyl verch Hywel Gwyddwyllt
      > So many books, so little time!
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