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53775RE: [Authentic_SCA] Working dogs

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  • Terri Morgan
    Jun 4, 2006
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      I can attest that when someone with a working dog contacted me (when I was
      the Pennsic Troll) ahead of time, it was *wonderful*. Not only did it
      brighten my day but it increased the number of volunteers I had when the
      word got out ("We're going to have a person come through with a sightdog/
      alarm dog/ trained monkey (!) and they'll be needing to contact ____ when
      they get here"). Everyone wanted to be the person who got to meet the dog
      and its owner *first*, indulgent folks that they were.

      I've seen working animals with and without special 'SCA' collars/backpacks -
      generally, there has been no problem in recognising them as such no matter
      what their collar looks like. When they're working, it's obvious. Use what
      appeals to you. But may I suggest that if you do decide to make a special
      'camping/vacation' collar for your dog, that you consider putting the
      Chirurgeons symbol on it somewhere if you are concerned about other folks
      being able to tell.

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