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53773Re: Dog Collars and Medieval Buckles

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  • Dawn Malmstrom
    Jun 2 2:24 PM
      > For ME, the markings are not medically necessary. The dog is
      > medically necessary. The MARKINGS are a courtesy to those charged
      > with keeping pets out of no-pets sites.
      > The balancing act here is to courteously not intrude on other
      > people's enjoyment with something obviously out of period, like his
      > mundane embroidered nylong backpack, while still making it clear
      > enough to the terribly harassed person who is trying to make sure
      > the rules are followed and we may, in fact, use the site again that
      > I am no threat, and that she doesn't need to spend a lot of time
      > arguing with me about whether or not the dog is allowed.

      In my opinion, any medical helper dog should be kept in their mundane
      "uniforms". That way the mundane authorites can tell at a clance that
      they are working dogs, not pets (this is the best way of ending any
      argument with the people at gate). Like wheelchairs, these are
      something that I would gladly use my visual filter to accept. Also,
      many have been taught to aproach a working dog differently then a pet.

      For the sake of the SCA folk and ease of the site crew, I would
      contact the Autocrat for the event before the event and have papers
      for the dog to give to the person at the gate and a copy for the
      chiurgeon. The autocrat can inform the site owner of the helper dog
      coming --there are many laws on the books that insure that he is
      welcome-- and be ready for you at the gate (remember many people at
      gate are new).

      I know its extra work, but it beats getting to an event only to have
      to argue your way in.

      Donata Bonacorsi
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