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53771Re: [Authentic_SCA] Re: Dog Collars and Medieval Buckles

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  • Bookwyrm
    Jun 2, 2006
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      On 02/06/06, d_archambeaux <ericarchambault@...> wrote:
      > > On the last image, you can see what I take to be writing. Would
      > >it be > minimally intrusive to use a similar font to write "Service
      > Dog" on > the collar in modern English, in order to make the marking
      > Any form of marking you deem necessary is going to be acceptable.
      > This goes to the medical necessity threads that have been beaten to
      > death on the list. If the markings have got to be balze orange
      > with refelctive lettering, so be it.

      Ah, but that's the point. For ME, the markings are not medically
      necessary. The dog is medically necessary. The MARKINGS are a
      courtesy to those charged with keeping pets out of no-pets sites.

      The balancing act here is to courteously not intrude on other people's
      enjoyment with something obviously out of period, like his mundane
      embroidered nylong backpack, while still making it clear enough to the
      terribly harassed person who is trying to make sure the rules are
      followed and we may, in fact, use the site again that I am no threat,
      and that she doesn't need to spend a lot of time arguing with me about
      whether or not the dog is allowed.

      Rest assured that I would not consider compromising something
      medically necessary for the sake of authenticity . . . but I do want
      to make it minimally intrusive. Standard disclaimer about these being
      my standards for me, not ones that I would attempt to apply to anybody
      else. I'm not trying to beat it to death, just to find independent
      opinions on a particular proposed balance.

      Bookwyrm and Empath
      Ontario, Canada
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